Our Factory

With EN-1090 certificate it’s strong logistic infrastructure, environmentally friendly, innovative and high quality service, our factory is built on ​​3.200 m² closed area and 1.000 m² of cranes in Turkey Kocaeli Dilovası, our factory is completely equipped with new technology products. We are producing reinforced concrete and steel frame constructions as an institution qualified to receive Factory Place Approval Certificate.

Job Security

In Irmak Yapi, work health and work safety are the most sensitive issues. OHS: 18001: 2007 Certificate has been obtained with the occupational health and safety management system that it has applied for this purpose. Employees regularly receive training on occupational health and safety, especially in the factory, to ensure that they are treated in accordance with the relevant guidelines. In all areas where Irmak Yapı operates, potential risks are assessed in advance and measures are taken and proactive approaches are studied.

Quality Management System

Irmak Yapı has been awarded ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate of Approval with its quality management system.

Equipment NameCount
Profile Drilling VOORTMAN1 pcs
Flange Drilling Machine AKYAPAK1 pcs
260 Amp. Precision Plasma AGENT1 pcs
Band Saw 700 KDG KARMETAL1 pcs
Band Saw 400 KDG KARMETAL2 pcs
35 ton Double Crushing Mobile Crane HYDROCON2 pcs
35 ton Double Crushing Mobile Crane KAMA2 pcs
10 ton Mobile Crane KAMA1 pcs
27m Mobile Basket UZMANLAR2 pcs
Equipment NameCount
14m Scissor Platform1 pcs
Stud Nailer (NELSON 6000)1 pcs
15 ton Ceiling Crane4 pcs
5 ton Ceiling Crane1 pcs
10 ton Portal Crane1 pcs
Wet Welding Machine1 pcs
Gas Welding Machine15 pcs
Air Paint Gun2 pcs