Material, welding, paint and shipment control are carried out according to ISO 9001: 2008 documented procedures and instructions.


Our materials are manufactured and ready for field assembly by taking the required manufacturing steps and passing through the required stages. We offer services to our customers with the expert staff and machine park that can do manufacturing and assembly in our projects.


Quality material, high quality business understanding and customer satisfaction is our priority.


Our materials are passed through the manufacturing process by our specialized and trained staff and they are shipped to the field ready for assembly.

Preparations are started by examining the project, technical specifications of the project, WPQR, welding plans, welder list, NDT Controls (RT, UT, MPT, PT, VT), paint technical specifications and quality plan.

Visual checks, size checks and material certificate checks are carried out at the entrance of the materials.

After sanding and priming, the sandblasted materials are visually inspected.

Cutting operation (cold and hot cut), brand control (material number, exposure number), measurement control, cutting edges and cutting eyes are controlled.

With the Bristol material template, marking of the plates, drilling operation, inspection of the eyes and measurement of the holes are carried out.

Machine control is performed in shears and making profiles. By marking and framing, the roof measurements are checked.

Welding are made by certified welders. The conformity of the welds to the WPS is checked, and measurement and visual inspection are carried out according to EN 970 standards.

(RT), Ultrasonic Control (UT), Penetrant Test (PT), Eye Control (VT), Magnetic Particle Test (MPT) are performed.

The control of the technical image conformity of the products is carried out by cold brand identification and control.

Paint operations, paint dry film thickness control is done.

The final eye check is carried out before shipment, the quality records are passed on and the approval of shipment is given.

Shipments are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards and with safe methods.


Irmak Yapı, which offers both aesthetic and functional solutions in many areas such as industrial buildings, warehouses, bridges, bridges, farms and multi-storey steel constructions, is in all stages of the project from design, production and on-site installation. Irmak Structure is always behind services.


As a well known and preferred brand in the sector, Irmak Yapı is aware that this success is due to its world class quality, high quality and affordable production, timely delivery of its projects, as well as valuable human resources. For this reason, Irmak Yapı has determined the most important value as a human resource, and employee satisfaction has a high level of customer satisfaction.


Irmak Yapı research and development (R&D), which has been following the technology since the day it was founded, adopts the principle of constantly improving its products and services, renewing itself and pioneering innovations in its sector, continues uninterruptedly and works to perfect its services.