We provide services to our valued customers in the production of light steel, rolled steel, reinforced concrete structure, steel bridge and high-rise modern projects with experienced technicians and experienced engineers under the roof of Irmak Yapi Sistemleri.

Please note that the care that will be shown during the projecting phase is the key to a healthy manufacturing and installation in the next stages.


We provide projects to our valued customers by producing projects in light of scientific and technological developments of light steel, rolling (structural) steel, reinforced concrete structure, steel bridge and high structures with our expert architects and engineers in the field

Expert and experienced cadres in the field go to the field intended for the project and carry out the preliminary examinations, the project conditions are prepared and preliminary preparations are started.

After the conditions of the project become clearer, the ground survey is passed to the bid stage by providing control and follow-up of legal and legal processes, material durability.

After the details such as how long the project will be completed, the required labor force, the amount of material needed, and so on, the proposal will be presented in accordance with the costs incurred.

After accepting the proposal, the application phase begins.

Upon completion of the application, the quality control tests of the project are carried out and the project is completed and delivered in accordance with the deadline.


Irmak Yapı, which offers both aesthetic and functional solutions in many areas such as industrial buildings, warehouses, bridges, bridges, farms and multi-storey steel constructions, is in all stages of the project from design, production and on-site installation. Irmak Structure is always behind services.


As a well known and preferred brand in the sector, Irmak Yapı is aware that this success is due to its world class quality, high quality and affordable production, timely delivery of its projects, as well as valuable human resources. For this reason, Irmak Yapı has determined the most important value as a human resource, and employee satisfaction has a high level of customer satisfaction.


Irmak Yapı research and development (R&D), which has been following the technology since the day it was founded, adopts the principle of constantly improving its products and services, renewing itself and pioneering innovations in its sector, continues uninterruptedly and works to perfect its services.